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About Us


History & Foundation under line

Prita Lee Lesson Sr. Sec. School has been established in 1967 by Sr. Abnash Singh in revered memory of Miss Prita Takhat Singh D/o Late Bhai Sahib Bhai Takhat Singh Ji of Ferozepur, who was a reputed educationist. Miss Prita Takhat Singh was herself a great educationist and a social reformer and she had done great sacrifices for the cause of children education. She was a doctorate in education and was a widely travelled and an enlightened lady. Hence it is in the fitness of the things of that her name should be associated with this institution.

In sweet memory of Miss Prita Takhat Singh the foundation stone was laid by Sr. Gurbaksh Singh S/o Bhai Sahib Bhai Takhat Singh Ji “Zinda Shaheed”, a great Educationist of Punjab in Jan. 1971. The building was constructed with zeal and dedication by Sr. Abnash Singh S/o Sh. Gurbaksh Singh Ji. He dedicated his whole life for the noble cause of education.


Our Vision under line

School Strives for Excellence & Discipline in teaching and learning, offering value based education to train & develop visionary, ethical and principled citizens of the country.


Our Mission under line

Our educational approach is relevant, innovative and inspiring, built upon values which have anchored the school for more than 50 years. We educate self-directed and reflective young people with a passion and curiosity for learning, equipped for leadership and influence throughout the world. It is also the avowed purpose of the school not merely to prepare a child morally, mentally & physically fit for the life but to mould him into the finest kind of citizen of which his country may be proud of. A high level of personal discipline and honor is demanded.


Director's Desk under line

Dear Students and Parents I am delighted to take this opportunity to announce the successful completion of five decades of service. I see it as an occasion both to celebrate the past and look forward with hope to the future, to celebrate more of the jubilees. Five decades may not seem much at the first glance, but they constitute an enormous amount of time for those attached to PLLS; who have seen this great institute nurture with the progressing years, climb the endless flights of stairs towards success, steadily and infallibly, for the blissfully unaware, PLLS is a school that firmly stands on its ground of traditions and morals; motivation and desire to scale new heights along with unprecedented discipline; while all the time adapting itself to the changing environment and thus evolving into a still better form with every passing moment. They say, learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.And the most pressing task is to teach children, the warriors of tomorrow, to learn.
We welcome students of all abilities and cultures; our aim is to ensure that every student has a happy, rich and personalized learning experience during all these vital years of life. Our primary focus is, and always will be, on learning. Hence we not only focus on excellent academic performance but also integrate it with a large number of Co- curricular activities and Sports. This well- knit schedule of activities adds to the personality development and smartness of the child and undoubtedly bring them close to having acquired an exemplary education. I would like to conclude by quoting a line from Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher, “Teach my son that it is more honorable to fail than to cheat and pass.” There can be no school without a society and no society without a school. Schools and’Quality Education’ and the true test of a ‘Quality Institution’.

Dolly Singh (Managing Director)

Principal's Desk under line

Today, children are growing in a highly competitive and dynamic society. The rate of change is rapid.And the competition is remarkable. Keeping the demands in mind we impart learning with the latest teaching techniques to produce a generation of well informed students. The school curriculum not only focuses on excellent academic performance but also incorporates an exciting schedule with a large number of co- curricular activities and sports which help in honing talent in the child. At PLLS, we also emphasize on the development of the child into a good, moral human being and encouraging his/ her personality into someone confident, smart and bright. We strive to invest in knowledge with the belief that it would yield the best interest and bring to light perfectly developed all rounder’s who exude confidence and a value system that can benefit our society. “I have walked that long to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken here a moment to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest a moment, for with freedom comes responsibility, and I dare not linger, for my long walk has not come to an end.” Nelson Mandela.

List Of Staff Members

S.No. Name Qualification
1 Ms. Simarjeet Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed
2 Ms. Shashi Bala M.A., B.Ed
3 Ms. Rajni Bala M.A., B.Ed
4 Ms. Poonam Sharma M.Com., B.Ed
5 Ms. Ravinder Kaur M.A., B.Ed
6 Ms. Mamta Verma M.A., B.Ed
7 Ms. Kiran Sharma M.A., B.Ed
8 Ms. Paramjit Kaur M.A., B.Ed
9 Ms. Rajender Kaur M.A., B.Ed
10 Ms. Kiran Kamal Kaur B.Com., B.Ed
11 Ms. Veenu Kamboj M.Sc., B.Ed
12 Ms. Manjit Kaur M.A., B.Ed
13 Mr. Deepak Raj M.A.
14 Ms. Rajni M.Sc., B.Ed
15 Ms. Aarti Kalia M.A., B.Ed
16 Ms. Amita M.Com., B.Ed
17 Ms. Savi Batra B.Sc., B.Ed
18 Ms. Anita B.A., B.Ed
19 Ms. Pooja Rani M.A., B.Ed
20 Mr. Sameer Sharma B.A., Diploma
21 Mr. Harjinder Singh M.Sc. (IT)
22 Ms. Kiran Sharma M.A.
23 Ms. Poonam B.A., B.Ed
24 Ms. Kulwinder M.A.
25 Ms. Reena B.A., E.T.T.
26 Ms. Ankita Aggarwal B.A., B.Ed
27 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Diploma in Art & Craft
28 Ms. Reema Sharma Hindi Parbhakar
29 Ms. Rupinder Kaur M.Sc.
30 Mr. Harjinder Singh B.P.Ed
31 Ms. Manjit Sharma M.Lib.
32 Ms. Simran Virk M.A. (Clinical Psy.)
33 Ms. Ruby Sharma 10+2, N.T.T.
34 Ms. Sweety Singh B.A., N.T.T.
35 Ms. Rajni Sharma 10+2, N.T.T.
36 Ms. Muskan Kaura B.A., N.T.T.
37 Ms. Pooja Malhotra M.A., N.T.T.
38 Ms. Amandeep Kour N.T.T.
39 Ms. Anju Aggarwal B.A., N.T.T.
40 Ms. Sonia Chopra B.Com, M.B.A.
41 Ms. Vandana Gupta B.A.
42 Ms. Manpreet Kaur Diploma