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Curriculum under line


Pre-Primary is a tender stage, where the sapling is booming up and curious to know about the surroundings, Our Pre-Primary curriculum planning focuses on developing children’s skills. Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn through play and by engaging in well planned learning activities. It is the child centric curriculum which help in bringing out the thinking , social and imaginary skills of the child with the help of plethora of activities. In these years a child learn to be a social member of society and our Value based curriculum help the child to be a good and responsible citizen of the country in their own way. Children are galvanize to see beyond the fortification of their classrooms by taking them to different educational trips, study in nature, smart class and through junkets. With all these activities children become an ardent neophyte for life.


The curriculum is the totality of Pupil’s learning experiences. It is the vehicle by which we improve learning and develop the essential knowledge , skills and understanding which are building blocks for later life. Our curriculum for primary school is underpinned by values that we hold. The aim of our school curriculum, for the growing age children, is to promote a ‘go-for-it’ attitude towards learning, so that all children enjoy coming to school and embrace new challenges and possibilities. Activities play a very crucially important role at this level to groom thinking skills of the child.

Middle School

Students moving from primary to middle have to face a different learning environment with a new school setting and subjects to learn. In the middle school years, the important aim of learning is self-reliance and to provide students with opportunities to revisit and strengthen the knowledge and skills acquired at the primary level. Sports and co-curricular activities play a very decisive role in drawing out talent and building character and team spirit.

Secondary School

Secondary school means age of adolescence, the period in which a young person develops from a child into an adult. In this age their thinking level commensurate where through the curriculum they can get the opportunities to research, solve the problem and with the interest in particular subjects , they can even think about the pursuing of stream and career in near future. Here in this stage also sports and co-curricular activities play a very decisive role for building character and team spirit.

List of Books under line

Dear Stakeholders
You can purchase our school books from any bookseller available in the market.

Academic Calendar under line


Examination under line

Examination is an integral and important part of the institution to access the performance of the child. As per the CBSE norms the Examination System has been divided into two terms i.e. MID Term and Final Term including 3 Periodic Assessments for the whole school and Pre Boards for class 10th only to make the students well prepared for their Board examinations.

Regular Datesheet (2019-20) under line

Result under line

Results are the outcome of the hard work of the students and educators. Here’s the list of the Pritalians who brought laurels to the Alma mater.

Session 2018-19

S.No. Student's Name Roll Number Total Marks %Age Position
1 Paras Sharma 4701 566 94.3 1st
2 Harshita Rani 4809 550 91.7 2nd
3 Sourab Sharma 5040 526.5 87.8 3rd
4 Pavika 4834 520.5 86.8 4th
5 Harsimran Kaur 233 495.5 82.6 5th
6 Yatharth Garg 8059 492.5 82.1 6th
7 Anuj 4675 473 78.8 7th
8 Gursimran Kaur 4668 472 78.7 8th
9 Vanshika 8057 468.5 78.1 9th
10 Manish Kumar 4665 452 75.3 10th

Session 2018-19

S.No. Student's Name Roll Number Total Marks %Age Position
1 Samarth Sahota 5009 480 96 1st
2 Dharampreet Singh 8001 459 92 2nd
3 Sunaina 4627 449 90 3rd
4 Radhika Bhatnagar 4950 413 82.6 4th
5 Shivani Verma 4639 407 81.4 5th
6 Hardeep Kaur 4598 403 81 6th
7 Ritish 8045 403 81 6th
8 Nisha Arya 5082 396 79.2 7th
9 Mehak 4623 396 79.2 7th
10 Jasmeen Kaur 8330 392 78.4 8th
11 Nitika 4638 385 77 9th
12 Chahat 4969 379 76 10th

Homework under line

Homework is important because it is at the intersection between home and school. It serves as a window through which you can observe your children’s education and express positive attitudes towards your children and their education. As children grow older, homework and the amount of time engaged in homework, increases in importance. For teachers and administrators, homework is a cost effective way to provide additional instruction in practice.

Homework is a bridge that joins schools and parents. From the school’s perspective there is the opportunity to monitor students’ independent progress. For parents there is the potential to gain a greater appreciation of education and to express positive attitudes towards their children’s achievement.

House System under line

To allow a wider participation by a large number of students, to generate enthusiasm, to motivate student participation and to inculcate a spirit of healthy competitiveness, the school follows a ‘House System’, where students are made member of any one of the following houses :

flower img
  • Name: Lily
  • Color: Yellow
  • Slogan: We never surrender
flower img
  • Name: Tulip
  • Color: Peach
  • Slogan: Never give up
flower img
  • Name: Lotus
  • Color: Pink
  • Slogan: Winners never quit
flower img
  • Name: Rose
  • Color: Red
  • Slogan: Believe in yourself
flower img
  • Name: Dahlia
  • Color: Orange
  • Slogan: Nothing is impossible
flower img
  • Name: Jasmine
  • Color: Purple
  • Slogan: Knowledge is power

Online Classes under line

Dear Parents

Please click on the link below to access study material videos for your ward. A fresh video will be uploaded daily. Please use the same link of school Youtube channel every day.




Dear parents

We are conducting online classes through Google Classroom, Hangout & Whatsapp. To join the online classes, kindly contact the following number: 7888622909.