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Curriculum under line


It is a proven fact that young children learn best by observing and experimenting with their environment and not only through textbooks or workbooks.

Moreover the primary principles of Early Childhood Learning are observation, thinking & learning and social-emotional learning.

Keeping all this in mind, we, at Prita Lee Lesson School, plan and conduct activities for our pre-schoolers in such a way that child develops holistically.

Activities are broadly planned as per the following two categories:

  • Academic (related to the concepts/languages/STEM based)
  • Practical life activities-that help the child to become aware, independent and self-sufficient.

For academic activities, we include concepts of English such as prepositions, activities related to phonics and other literary activities. Activities related to General Awareness, Fundamental Numeracy skills and STEM based activities are also included in the curriculum.

Real life/ Practical life activities are also included such as dry/wet transferring, identification of different tastes, celebration of festivals/special days, social bonding etc.

Keeping in mind the psychomotor skills, activities such as Yoga Asanas, jumping in and out of the ring, running are also included so that all three domains of development i.e. cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains are covered for the holistic development of the students.





Following in the footsteps of the NCERT Curriculum framework, the focus of Primary wing comprising Grades I to V, is to continue the Numeracy, Literacy and all other cognitive or physical skills acquired at the early developmental stage.

Fostering the learning curiosity of young minds without burdening them with increased syllabus, the Curriculum at Prita Lee is articulated on the ideas of connecting knowledge to life outside the school and ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods.

In Primary level, we anchor the efforts on reading and writing skills enhancement. The level of learning is increased in a calculative manner to help students grasp the new concepts with ease and interest.

Curriculum is well balanced between academics and co-curricular activities.  Various activities like Role play, Poem Recitation, Spell Bee etc are being organized from time to time to ensure a holistic development of the children. For better concentration and rejuvenating the young minds various forms of art like Dance, Music and Drawing and Craft and physical strength building sports are also an integral part of the curriculum.

Middle School

Within the middle school years, an interest in education is either sparked or neglected, and as educators we acknowledge the fact and consider it our prime responsibility to encourage a love of learning through promoting working together and finding the best learning strategies and approaches to information.

During this phase it is crucial for students to design projects together and understand what it means to be part of a team.  By introducing them to group work in middle school, they learn to collaborate which further strengthens the foundation of NEP 2020, covering both cognitive and emotional aspects of a child’s personality.

We at Prita Lee ensure that every learning activity should be intentional, meaningful and useful.

Keeping this in mind Curricular activities like Quizzes, Group Discussions, Projects are conducted to make students work in teams where they not only strive to deliver their best but at the same time learn to take responsibility and accountability for their actions. A guided observation of the students helps them to tackle challenges being faced by them in regards to socio-emotional changes their personality goes through in the second decade of life. The focus on our part is to develop independent decision making.

Secondary School

Age of 12 to 15 years are considered the most crucial years of student life. These years become the foundation of career line a child follows or opts. The Curriculum of Secondary and Senior Secondary level needs to cater the future oriented vision of students while helping them accepting the various physical and emotional changes encountered by them.

With a very dedicated and experienced faculty members, the School provides a strong knowledge base that helps students become confident with the kind of knowledge they possess and are able to find solutions to problems easily. We at Prita Lee help our students widen their knowledge and get an in-depth understanding of different topics and develop their skills, which in turn proves to be very important for them to succeed in further education and career eventually.

We also prepare students to become well-informed and engaged individuals. The students of Secondary level are appointed as Council members with certain responsibilities and duties to help them to understand their individual rights as well as responsibilities and gives them the confidence to volunteer in their communities.

List of Books under line

Dear StakeholdersBooks for your ward can be purchased from any of the following booksellers in Kapurthala:(1) Veer Book Shop(2) Kumar Book Shop(3) Rajesh Book Shop(4) Puri Book Shop(5) Ankit Book World(6) Or any other 

Academic Calendar under line


Examination under line

Examination is an integral and important part of the institution to access the performance of the child. As per the CBSE norms the Examination System has been divided into two terms i.e. MID Term and Final Term including 3 Periodic Assessments for the whole school and Pre Boards for class 10th only to make the students well prepared for their Board examinations.

Regular Datesheet (2024-2025) under line

Result under line

Results are the outcome of the hard work of the students and educators. Here’s the list of the Pritalians who brought laurels to the Alma mater.

Session 2023-2024

S.No. Student's Name Roll Number Total Marks %Age Position
1 Harsh Kumar 5224 670.6 95.8 1st
2 Samridh Sahota 5215 649.6 92.8 2nd
3 Rashi 5435 620 88.6 3rd
4 Arshdeep Singh 951 606.6 86.7 4th
5 Vanshika 246 597.4 85.3 5th
6 Damanpreet Kaur 730 587.5 83.9 6th
7 Jasial Ghuani 386 578.4 82.6 7th
8 Gurpreet Singh 5244 577.6 82.5 8th
9 Siya 337 573.7 82 9th
10 Pawni 5211 565.9 80.8 10th

Session 2023-2024

S.No. Student's Name Roll Number Total Marks %Age Position
1 Ritanjali 142 493 98.6 1st
2 Piyush Kanojia 262 481 96.2 2nd
3 Manya Bhatnagar 5174 465 93 3rd
4 Anushka 5158 450 90 4th
5 Prabhjot Kaur 132 449 89.8 5th
6 Gaurav Sharma 5146 443 88.6 6th
7 Ishita Arora 165 439 87.8 7th
8 Megha 5125 434 86.8 8th
9 Gurkamalpreet Kaur 5134 433 86.6 9th
10 Vanshika 689 430 86 10th

Homework under line

Homework is important because it is at the intersection between home and school. It serves as a window through which you can observe your children’s education and express positive attitudes towards your children and their education. As children grow older, homework and the amount of time engaged in homework, increases in importance. For teachers and administrators, homework is a cost effective way to provide additional instruction in practice.Homework is a bridge that joins schools and parents. From the school’s perspective there is the opportunity to monitor students’ independent progress. For parents there is the potential to gain a greater appreciation of education and to express positive attitudes towards their children’s achievement.

House System under line

To allow a wider participation by a large number of students, to generate enthusiasm, to motivate student participation and to inculcate a spirit of healthy competitiveness, the school follows a ‘House System’, where students are made member of any one of the following houses :

flower img
  • Name: Lily
  • Color: Yellow
  • Slogan: We never surrender
flower img
  • Name: Tulip
  • Color: Peach
  • Slogan: Never give up
flower img
  • Name: Lotus
  • Color: Pink
  • Slogan: Winners never quit
flower img
  • Name: Rose
  • Color: Red
  • Slogan: Believe in yourself
flower img
  • Name: Dahlia
  • Color: Orange
  • Slogan: Nothing is impossible
flower img
  • Name: Jasmine
  • Color: Purple
  • Slogan: Knowledge is power